Things My Boyfriend Is Talking About Tonight

*drunk list*
  1. "Sports is art in motion"
    Trying to make me enjoy watching hockey . I tried. It sort of worked for a while
  2. "I don't fuck with pickles. The only time I will eat a pickle is when I get a nice gherkin, quartered, next my sandwich. A quartered gherkin or garlic. Must be quartered."
  3. "I knew a guy who met Ricky bubbles and randy at a bar and bubbles was a dick apparently"
  4. Blabbing about the office
  5. How u can get high off Tylenol extra strength
    U can't
  6. "U vant to get chewed?"
    Trying to get everyone to go smoke weed in -25 degree weather (in a fake German accent) -.-