Times 2 Mini Things Is Better Than 1 Big Thing

  1. Samosas
    2 mini samosas>1 gigantic one
  2. Lip balm
    2 tiny chap sticks in 2 flavours is better than 1 big old boring Chapstick
  3. Waffles
    2 lil eggos in a stack>1 big whopper waffle
  4. Mini shampoo and conditioner>2 in 1
    Don't even talk to me about 2 in 1 tbh unless u want to start a fit
  5. 4-piece nuggets and small fries VS just 6-piece nuggets
    AKA happy meal wins every time
  6. Chubbies
    I don't even know if these still exist? Regardless 2 Chubbies>1 conventional soda pop
  7. Lighters
    2 minis>1 big obvi
  8. 2 laptops>1 desktop comp
    Who wouldn't agree to that
  9. Bananas
    If u have 2 bb plantains u can eat one and pop the other in your pocket for later but if u have 1 big banana it's a stressful commitment
  10. 2 short friends>one tall lonely person
    NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH BEING A TALL LONELY PERSON but there is more happiness brewing in the 2 friends so u should find a friend if u r lonely, regardless of height.
  11. Frozen pizza
    2 mini pizzas will make ur day while one normal frozen pizza will be mediocre every time.
  12. Beer
    2 small cans>1 tall can all the way
  13. Big Sean and Ariana grande VS Taylor swift