Developed after years of having a dad who refuses to turn on the heat
  1. Tuck edges of blanket under yourself, mummifying your body
  2. Insert head under blanket as well
  3. Put your laptop in the bed
    Your laptop will become over-heated in your bed and become a personal heating device
  4. If you have an animal, put it in the bed.
    Dogs work best. Cats are liable to up and leave and I wouldn't trust a rodent either.
  5. If you have an extra human, like a bae or a sibling, put it in the bed
    Ideally you will make them spoon you, or if they love you they might just spoon you anyway.
  6. Squish yourself against wall if your bed is against the wall, which it should be.
  7. Create a wall of pillows and blankets around the circumference of your body
    Let no air past this barricade into your cocoon