Types of Chips I Am Down For

I am welcoming to both generic and brand name across most boards
  1. Ketchup
  2. Dill pickle
  3. BBQ
    All kinds, but ideally not zesty mordant
  5. Lays plain
  6. Salt and vinegar
  7. Ruffles
  8. Sour cream and bunion
  9. All dressed
  10. Party mix
  11. Puff Cheetos
  12. Crunch Cheetos
  13. Sun chips
  14. Kettle of any variety
  15. Sour cream and cheddar baked lays
  16. Old Dutch creamy dill baked
  17. Lays contest exclusive specialty flavours e.g. Jalapeño Mac and cheese
  19. Corn chips
  20. Roast chicken
  21. Poutine
    If I'm honest
  22. Walkers cheese and onion
    Yeah I've been to England ✌🏼️😘