1. It is the sign, after a long and cranky morning of classes, that everything is gonna be ok.
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    Get in me, gravy fries and cheese. (As you can see from the photo, I have started making this list after being properly satiated)
  2. It is a warm hug when u come in the lodge from the ski hill, freezing cold.
    I miss you Crabbe mountain poutine- I hope I see u again soon.
  3. It is the medicine to cure a long night of bad decisions and drinking.
    Start me on my road to redemption 😔🙌🏼
  4. It is the unsung hero where pizza gets all the credit.
    I'll always be there for you, poutine, if you're always there for me.
  5. It is the lifeblood of the Canadian nation.
    Warming bellies, alleviating hangovers, and making smiles as we dash through the snow 🇨🇦 I salute u
  6. It's what I can't stop thinking about when I'm trying to read my Neuroscience textbook.
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    And what makes the funniest jokes on my snapchat.