Why I Love Selfies

An opposition to the millennial haters out there
  1. Everyday when I go on Instagram, I get to see pictures of my beautiful friends, in a moment when they know they're beautiful.
  2. When I think I look good, I get to acknowledge it to myself and share it with others
  3. On the Internet, I get to be exposed to thousands of untouched photos of real women and non-binary people who may or may not conform to mainstream standards of beauty
    And despite this non-conforming, are practicing an act of self-appreciation that society tells us we don't deserve to have.
  4. Women and femmes of all races get a say in what kind of beauty we are shown in our daily media exposure
    Contrary to the pre-selfie/social media days when this was purely decided by those in charge of magazines and TV aka the patriarchy
  5. Selfies take the power from this kind of bullshit and puts it into our own hands
  6. Hey world, we're cute and awesome and funny and hot and we know it, and not because someone else told us. Compliment away!
  7. End list. Take a selfie today- because you're all beautiful and deserve to know it.