Last winter was prolonged, difficult, painful and overall hellish. There was so much snow and so much ice and going outside was to be feared. The beauty I had always seen in winter was erased for me.
  1. I have new long johns
    They are light blue and knit and I got them for free at a clothing swap last spring. It's time to make them my best friend.
  2. I have a car
    Though winter driving is shitty, I will at least be able to drive to get groceries which is a real blessing. Also there is a snow removal service at my apartment building so I won't have to shovel much.
  3. I believe in my heart that there will be less snow this year.
    I also heard somewhere that the actual weather predictions are for higher temperatures... I think. :/
  4. I might get a new coat
    I won't be fucking around- full on warmth is the highest priority. Fuck fashion, I don't have anything to prove to people I just want to be warm.
  5. I got some free gloves the other day
    Never hurts to have an extra pair
  6. I'm gonna stop going outside with wet hair
    No more hairsickles for me.
  7. I'm over the club scene so I won't be going out on the weekends and almost dying walking home at 3am.
    This was a real problem last year. A blizzard outside with 4 feet of snow? That's ok I'll just down an entire bottle of wine so I don't feel how cold I am and trekking to and from will be a breeze. I'll be so drunk that I'll be likely to lose stuff, so I won't wear any extra layers that I'll have to take off either. Bad, bad ideas.
  8. I've discovered the underground tunnels at school
    And I love it! I can't believe no one told me about them till this year.
  9. I asked for lots of socks for Christmas
    My mom and boyfriend both have good taste in socks too so this should be a good one.
  10. I learned my lessons last year.
    I now know that warmth and safety should be high priorities for me and I intend to be diligent about them.