I don't understand why I even have to explain this to people but here it goes :
  1. U can pre-drink earlier
    Maybe even in daylight!
  2. U don't have to wait in line
  3. You likely won't pay cover 💸
  4. U get the early bird drink specials
  5. The dance floor is empty so it's all yours
  6. There aren't a lot of people around so you can talk without yelling, move freely without crowds, and hear the music clearly
    Not to mention evading all the people you don't like that will arrive at the bar later!
  7. When all the dumb suckers come during the rush to wait in a huge line you can saunter by them smugly because you already have a stamp 😈
  8. When you leave the bar it is a reasonable bed time!
    Hello full night of sleep 😎
  9. U wake up fresh as a daisy the next day while all the dumb people are hungover ☺️🌻
  10. U don't completely fuck up ur sleep schedule for the coming work/school week
    Like ur gonna have to wake up early the whole rest of the week ?? Why set yourself up for misery?
  11. U are basically WINNING