Probably high time I did this
  1. I've been known to eat butter straight from the dish at restaurants
    I am also not above licking my plate in public. Like... I will pick up my plate... Off the table... And drag my tongue across it.
  2. I have no shame (if this wasn't clear from the first point)
    Lewd humor enthusiast and I will be the person who takes the joke too far. It brings me an odd sense of satisfaction to make other people uncomfortable.
  3. My dog(s) will always sleep in my bed with me.
    They've earned it.
  4. I prefer dogs to people
    This is my Great Dane. Her name is Belladonna. We share a soul.
  5. I'm drawn to people who can keep up with me at the dinner table
    2 appetizers, share some main dishes, and at least 2 desserts. And coffee. Don't be afraid to eat with me.
  6. Music is in my blood
    I love to play piano and sing. I'm currently learning the guitar, ukulele, and violin. Music is what I do. I'm good at it and I'm thankful for that gift. It has rescued me often.
  7. I've got a pair of brass ones.
    I'm a ballsy gal. I've grown up with 3 brothers and all male cousins. Most of my closest friends are males. I'm not submissive and I can definitely hold my own.
  8. I work for an amazing company
    Tortuga Backpacks. I was the first employee they ever hired. I get to live and work and travel on my terms thanks to this awesome company.
  9. I get sick a lot
    Multiple autoimmune diseases. I try not to let it slow me down.
  10. I'm a southpaw
    And damn proud of it.