Reasons Iceland is Bae

  1. Geysers are dope
  2. The food will take you to boner-town
  3. MOTHER...
  4. F'ING
  6. Black sand beaches for those of us who are drawn to darkness
  7. Hot Springs...
    Dip your toes in or submerge yourself. I don't care which. Just do it.
  8. Glacier hiking
    Don't be a hero. Follow your guide so you don't fall to your death.
  9. ...They have black sand beaches
    *taps mic* just making sure you're hearing me on this, folks.
  10. The scenery will make your cold, dead heart beat again
    **Disclaimer** Not guaranteed. Mine stopped again immediately after I left.
  11. Beer
    Every country in Europe claims they have the best beer. Iceland did not have the best. But it was pretty damn delicious.
  12. It legitimately looks like this
    And the people are legitimately friendly. It's like heaven. Except slightly colder (at least I imagine so) and with more exciting sweaters.
  13. Did I mention the black sand beaches?
    (And suggestive rock formations) Y'ALL... LOOK.
  14. You look like a BAMF even when you're pretending to be Yukon Cornelius
    Iceland is just that cool
  15. Go there. Do it.