I love New Mexico, but this has got to stop.
  1. "Get down from/off the car" or just "Get down"
    Instead of getting "out" of the vehicle. Ex: "I'm gonna stop at the store. You wanna get down?"
  2. "Put gas"
    Refueling motor vehicle. Ex: "Eeeee, I'm almost on empty. I need to stop and put gas."
  3. Overuse of the word "all"
    Said with emphasis and musical intonation. Ex: "She was ALL mad." "Eeee, I'm ALL scared."
  4. "Or what"
    Allows the other person in the conversation to say "no" or provide an alternative while avoiding direct confrontation. Ex: "We gonna go to the movies or what?" "You gonna eat that or what?"
  5. "Liberry"
    Instead of "library". Please, just accentuate the fact that you're unfamiliar with the contents inside this building.
  6. "Huh"
    Used for emphasis or affirmation, often in conjunction with "all" (see above). Ex: "That movie was ALL sick, huh?"
  7. "Miss" "Ms." "Mrs."
    Always pronounced "miss" regardless of actual title, and replaces the woman's entire name. Ex: Mrs. Smith becomes "miss"; "Hey, miss, I forgot my paper at home."
  8. "Mr."
    Same as "miss" in that the title takes the place of the person's entire name. Ex: "Mr., I need the restroom."
  9. "Melk"
    Dear God in heaven, it's MILK.
  10. "Sonics"
    Sonic is a popular fast food chain, unnecessarily pluralized by most New Mexicans. Ex: "Let's go get a coke from Sonics."
  11. "Doctors"
    Similar to "Sonics", New Mexicans tend to unintentionally exaggerate their medical needs by pluralizing their health care provider. Ex: "I'm at the doctors." Also, "I have a sore throat, I need to go to the doctors." (How many do you plan on seeing?)
  12. "Coke"
    Any carbonated beverage. I, myself, am guilty of this one.
  13. "Beg"
    Instead of "bag" - New Mexicans tend to replace front-running vowels of random words with a soft "e". Ex: "I'm gonna put my phone in my beg." Similarly: "pellow" instead of "pillow." Suggested by @AndreaM