1. Shin ramyun with cheese 🍜
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    Most people use regular sliced cheese, my fave is tasty cheese! Pro: usually works. Con: dishes to be done the next day. Tip: soak before you sleep so the cheese detaches!
  2. Dawn
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    Beware! Causes severe stomach pain and nausea - for me, anyway... But then again, what doesn't make me feel like that? Maybe I should just stop drinking so much :/
  3. Alka seltzer
    Most effective in recent times! 👍🏻👍🏻
  4. Milo dino
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    For the non-Singaporeans, just imagine - the Milo powder to water ratio is 10:1. Tip: don't inhale as you're drinking!
  5. 100 plus
    Usually at supper, with food. Usually when I'm still buzzing. Usually comes out later when I get home anyway......
  6. A large glass of water
    As with 100 plus - comes out again eventually, but perhaps with a shorter delay.