Music I'm really into at the moment
  1. Things Fall Apart - The Roots
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    Just got this last week and am so excited to continue listening and getting deeper into this record. I haven't been this excited about a hip hop album in a while granted I'm not that well versed in the genre. What really impressed me about this album is the quality of the songs. I think hip hop is a difficult genre to write great songs for and so far this album has so many great, fully realized songs on it.
  2. Jaco Pastorious - Jaco Pastorious
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    A classic jazz record that I recently bought. First listen through really blew me away. Jaco's sound, his clear mastery of the instrument, and his unique voice are mesmerizing.
  3. This Land - Bill Frisell
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    I'm very very into this record right now. The compositions are incredible and I love the instrumentation and the amazing musicians who accompany Bill. Joey Baron practically steals the show for me, his drumming is so unique and he avoids so many cliches. Bill is one of my favorite guitar players and the horn players are very adventurous and playful. The variety on this record is great, it has scorching blues, funk, avant grade, and all kinds of music.
  4. Europe '72 - Grateful Dead
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    Been on a huge dead kick the past few months. I went a while without really checking this classic out and I'm glad I finally did. I just love the vibe and the songs. You can't help but smile and forget about life while listening to this album.
  5. Ascension - John Coltrane
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    I'm a big fan of free jazz/avant grade music and I finally got around to hearing this record. I was very impressed with it and right from the first notes the record really grabs and demands your attention. You really feel like you're elevating to a higher place. I really dig the ensemble pieces.
  6. Not Getting Behind Is the New Getting Ahead - Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola
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    Really cool duo album. The songs are really well composed and these two have great chemistry. Charlie plays bass and guitar at the same time so that's pretty amazing!
  7. Frank - Amy Winehouse
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    Great record from start to finish. Such a talented singer and songwriter. Her honesty is what really impressed me. Love the way she blends genres together too.