Some of my favorite guitar players/players that constantly inspire me. In no particular order.
  1. The musician who started it all for me and got me into playing guitar. I owe so much to you. Your playing and songwriting resonates so much with me and you lit a fire in my soul when I was 16 that has spawned a lifelong love of playing and listening to music. Thanks for always inspiring me. Ps. You are killing the Dead and Co gig, you sound better than ever!!
  2. Derek Trucks
    A truly beautiful musician and human being. He is so humble and so incredibly soulful. Words can't even express how much I love him.
  3. BB King
    I must have played along with "Live at Cook County Jail" and "Live at the Regal" a million times. He represents the beauty in simplicity.
  4. Jim Hall
    My favorite jazz guitarist. His sound, his lyrical playing, creativity, and his desire to constantly seek new ideas are why I think he's so great.
  5. Stevie Ray Vaughan
    For so long I worshiped Stevie. Even though my tastes have expanded drastically in the past five years I still love him. He played with an intensity and soul that's so rare among players.
  6. Bill Frisell
    I think of Bill as the anti-guitar hero. He's never flashy and instead serves the music and is more concerned with creating sound and atmosphere. He's also very versatile.
  7. Albert King
    Born Under a Bad Sign is a record that's part of my musical DNA. His licks will always be in my playing.
  8. Eric Clapton
    "From the Cradle" was a big influence on me as was "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs"
  9. John Scofield
    One of the most creative players ever. No one sounds like him!
  10. Pat Metheny
    I went through a huge Pat fanboy phase a few years ago. I haven't listened to him in a while but he has a lot of records I really love- "Pat Metheny Group", "(Still Life) Talking", "Offramp", "Secret Story", "Bright Size Life" can't not like him!
  11. Julian Lage
    A modern master of guitar. Julian can literally do anything on his instrument and he plays a variety of great music.
  12. John McLaughlin
    Great composer and amazing guitar player.
  13. Jerry Garcia
    A relatively new influence on my playing. I've been heavy into the Dead lately and have really come to appreciate Jerry's playing.