Ranking studio albums by @john from best to worst. Really looking forward to your next album and please release the stuff you did with Chick Corea!!
  1. Continuum
    Just his overall best collection of songs. Every song is a winner. The record flows so well and when you finish it you're just ready to start over again. Favorite song: I Don't Trust Myself
  2. Born and Raised
    Such an amazing album. I never understood how some fans did not jump on this album. Again it flows so well and all the songs are incredibly well written. As far as songwriting goes this might be his best record. Favorite song: Born and Raised
  3. Heavier Things
    I think this is John's most underrated album. (Despite having Daughters on it) it's very mellow and has a lot of high quality songs like Clarity, Something's Missing, New Deep, Wheel, Split Screen Sadness and my favorite, Come Back to Bed.
  4. Room for Squares
    Really great debut album. Most of these songs still hold up today which is the sign of a great songwriter. Favorite song: My Stupid Mouth
  5. Battle Studies
    I think the reason people rag on this album is because it didn't follow in the vein of Continuum. With that said this album is a bit too pop for me but has some very good songs. Who Says, Edge of Desire, War of My Life, and Half of My Heart are great. Favorite song: Half of My Heart
  6. Paradise Valley
    I think this is the only John album that doesn't feel like a cohesive record. I feel like it's just a bunch of songs that don't really flow well together. The album also feels rushed and not as precise in quality compared to his other albums. However there are some great tracks like Dear Marie, Waiting on the Day, On the Way Home, and Lost at Sea. Favorite song: Dear Marie