Why I don't want to go to bed/why I can't sleep
  1. I am afraid of facing myself in the company of nothing but silence
  2. Constantly thinking about everything I have to procrastinate on tomorrow and everything I did procrastinate on that day
  3. Thinking about that one day in high school where I wore slacks with socks and sandals
  4. Contemplating dropping out of college even though I know I'll never do it
  5. All of the sudden I want to listen to every song ever created by artists I would never listen to at 1 in the afternoon
  6. I start watching 90 minute documentaries about Jackson Pollock, the Westboro Baptist Church, Albert Ayler, the making of The Marshall Mathers LP, and 9/11 conspiracy theories at 12:30am despite needing to be up at 7.
  7. Missing my girlfriend
  8. Can't escape the feeling that I'm not actually alive
  9. I'll just watch one more Richard Dawkins video
  10. I've had different nightmares every Thursday night for the past five weeks
  11. I've been checking Facebook then tumblr then Facebook then msn.com then tumblr then Facebook then tumblr for 47 minutes straight
  12. Masturbating just so I will be awake a little longer
  13. Not being able to cope with the fact that once I'm asleep the day is gone forever and I'll never get it back