Although Phyllis appears to be shy, soft spoken, and kind she has a very dark side!!
  1. She stole Pam's entire wedding plan and used it for her own wedding
    Just a complete low blow to Pam.
  2. Becomes drunk with power when she becomes the head of the party planning committee
    Even though Angela was cruel to Phyllis, she takes revenge to another level. If you don't like being bullied why become a bully?
  3. When she told Pam to shut up and that she looked like a trout
    All cause she was butt hurt that the Michael Scott Paper company was better than her sales ability
  4. When talking about Michael: "he has a lot of issues and he's stupid"
  5. Getting mad at Karen for not knowing who Bob Vance is
    How is Karen supposed to know Bob?? She literally just moved to Scranton
  6. Saying Pam can never be more than a secretary
    "You don't give my clients to a secretary..."
  7. Going out to eat with Jim and Pam only to leave for an awkward amount of time so she could have sex in a restaurant bathroom
    I get it public sex can be fun but why do this on a double date? Why make your friends feel so awkward?
  8. Gets joy from flirting with strangers then watching Bob Vance beat them up
    Getting off on your husband hurting other people? Pretty sick if you ask me!