Rocky Balboa is the man and here is the definitive list of his movies from best to worst
  1. Rocky (1976)
    It's hard to argue that this one is not the best. The script alone makes this movie number one in my opinion. This is the ultimate underdog achieves his dreams without 'winning' story.
  2. Rocky II (1979)
    Very close to being number one. I know a lot of people who say this movie is even better than the first and I'd say it's very close. This has my favorite training scene where the kids chase Rocky through the park.
  3. Rocky Balboa (2006)
    This movie showed that Stallone could still write good movies and in my opinion this movie was flawless. Such a beautiful story and has so many moving scenes.
  4. Rocky IV (1985)
    Despite the incredibly cheesy opening half hour this movie is a classic. Love the message at the end and love the fight.
  5. Rocky III (1982)
    Great film just not my favorite of the bunch. Apollo training Rocky is a very great and entertaining portion of the movie and who doesn't like Mr. T?
  6. Rocky V (1990)
    So many people rag on this movie and I always defend it. Let's be clear it is definitely the worst Rocky movie however it's no where near as bad as people make it out to be. I love the whole Rocky vs. his son thing, it shows us a different side of Rocky. Also in the original script Rocky was supposed to die in the ending fight so that probably would have made the movie more acclaimed. I'm glad they didn't kill him cause then we wouldn't have the masterpiece that is "Rocky Balboa"