This is a poem I wrote a few months ago.
  1. Sext: let’s shower at the same time in different bathrooms but use the same brand of soap
  2. Sext: let’s take turns biting each other’s nails. Swallowing is optional.
  3. Sext: drink my skin like robitussin while I spew out ill timed condolences on your stomach
  4. Sext: tell me what song lyrics you used as moody 9th grade Facebook statuses
  5. Sext: sit on my couch and wait for the episode of Seinfeld where Newman tries to eat Kramer to come on
  6. Sext: cut any one of my toes off with a deli slicer and feed it to your schnauzer
  7. Sext: let’s practice long tones in an elevator together
  8. Sext: what’s your favorite song on Kelly Clarkson’s smash record “Breakaway”? (please don’t say Since U Been Gone)
  9. Sext: hold me in your pocket next to your comb and your loose change
  10. Sext: can I keep the tears you left on my nightstand?