1. The Office
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    Dunder Mifflin is a place I go to escape reality. I have such love for this show and don't know what I'd do without it.
  2. Everybody Loves Raymond
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    This show is apart of my childhood. My dad LOVES this show and so do I. It's so funny and also at times very insightful to how families and marriages function.
  3. Louie
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    One of the best, most unique, and most important shows out there. Louis CK pushes the boundaries of television and proves that TV is art. I think season 4 of Louie is some of the best writing in television history.
  4. Breaking Bad
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    Was addicted to this show. I've never seen a show where every episode is even more thrilling than the last. The character development is absolutely remarkable. Arguable the best drama of all time.
  5. Curb Your Enthusiasm
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    This show is hilarious. Larry David unhinged. Love the role improvisation plays in this show and love the writing.
  6. Seinfeld
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    One of the most groundbreaking and influential shows ever. Nuff said
  7. Married with Children
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    When you want to laugh for 22 minutes straight just watch any episode of this show. Even today the jokes hold up as edgy and shocking.
  8. Family Guy
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    I'm a sucker for this show and am not ashamed of it. I think it's a brilliant comedy that successfully tackles a lot of taboo social issues. I think we need shows that "cross the line" and this show does it so well.
  9. Full House
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    I'm aware it's not amazing television but I have such a soft spot for this show. I could watch reruns of it all day. Gotta love the tender moment at the end of every show!
  10. Roseanne
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    This show really pushed the limits and was fearless in talking about any topic. The writing was so good and the characters were great. One of the best shows ever.