I was listening to "Til The Sun Turns Black" in the car today and was once again totally blown away by how great of a record it is. I thought about how Ray deserves so much more recognition than he gets so this list is for him! (I couldn't help making it top 11 instead of 10 I just couldn't!)
  1. Let it Be Me (Gossip in the Grain)
    The first song I ever heard from Ray and man when I heard this song it felt like my heart melted.
  2. Empty ('Til the Sun Turns Black)
    "I looked my demons in the eyes laid bare my chest said 'do your best to destroy me. See I've been to hell and back so many times I must admit you kind of bore me."
  3. Trouble (Trouble)
    This song is just so perfect. So perfect.
  4. Burn (Trouble)
    This song is the sound of a man bleeding. It's one of the most emotional songs I've ever heard. When Ray cries "so kiss him again, just to prove to me that you can...I will stand here and burn in my skin" it's just heartbreaking.
  5. Jolene (Trouble)
    Ray's songs are so honest and so real and this song just gets to me every time I hear it. Love the line "a picture of you, holding a picture of me in the pocket of my blue jeans."
  6. A Falling Through (Gossip in the Grain)
    Another song that just crushes me. This song is so heavy and so beautiful and just wrecked with pain. This song is a great examples of simple lyrics that his hard because of the rhetoric and the delivery. "Why did you go? Why did you go babe?" isn't the most visionary line but when Ray sings it you feel it inside. He makes you think about the person that left without saying goodbye. That's the mark of a true songwriter in my opinion.
  7. You Are The Best Thing (Gossip in the Grain)
    This song is like sunshine. The horns, the groove, the vocals just everything! When this singer starts and the horns come in and the all of the sudden Ray's voice swoops in with "Baby, it's been long day baby" all my cares disappear.
  8. Three More Days ('Til The Sun Turns Black)
    The groove. The groove is unstoppable in this song.
  9. Hannah (Trouble)
    "I'll lay down this bottle of wine, if ya just be kind to me" love the violin and piano in this tune. And the lyrics especially.
  10. Shelter (Trouble)
    One of Ray's most brilliant songs. If you wanna know why Ray is one of the great modern songwriters refer yourself to this song.
  11. Gone Away From Me ('Til The Sun Turns Black)
    Initially I dismissed this song as a cute filler track but it's really grown on me. It's so breezy and carefree and sometimes that's what hits the spot.