1. 10 PM- Hello again people (who probably aren't reading this). I just took my makeup off and I'm deciding on what to do tonight.
    I feel like eveytime I say "I took my makeup off" at the beginning of one of these lists that it'll become a tradition. I think I will make it one. Hoorayyyyyy
  2. 10:30 PM- I decided to watch YouTube!!!
    Okay, so I think I'll watch SimplyNailogical because I love that channel so much. I am rewatching "Polish Mountain" for the 3rd time. I really like this video and it's hilarious.
  3. 11 PM- Still watching SimplyNailogical. Apparently Cristine is reviewing a robot that can paint your nails for you.
    This is a disaster. Hahah this robot is terrible! I can't believe it! Oh, wait. Cristine what are you doing.... Nooooo! Don't waste your holo nail polish on that dumb robot.... Nooooooooo 😭
  4. 11:30 PM- More SimplyNailogical. What'd your expect? For me to watch another YouTuber? Nah.
    In reality though, Cristine is seriously entertaining and I don't think I'll ever stop watching her. ☺
  5. 12 AM (Aug 11)- My best friend just told me she's staying up til 4 AM! Yes! I get to text someone now... Woop woop! 😊
    I keep trying to get one of my friends to get li.st, but everyone thinks it's dumb. 😭 Why can't they understand.... -sobbs into pillow- I just wanted one follower so someone could read these other than my sad self. Guess that's never happening. 😭😭😭😭😭
  6. 12:30 AM- I'm trying to think of people who would follow me on li.st. I can't think of anyone.... 😭
    Well maybe one of my teachers who has been interested in my writing? No, that's probably weird. Uhhhh my two main "nerdy friends" (don't worry, I'm a nerd, too) just said no to the app. Ughhh I give up.
  7. 1 AM- I just put up an entire IG story thing about this app, hoping that someone will get this app.
    I don't know yet though. Ughh that story took forever to make! And it'll be gone in 24 hours. All my hard work. Gone to waste. 😭
  8. 1:30 AM- Well my life has gone to trash now. I'm attempting the 1 hour challenge of watching They're Taking The Hobbits to Isengard. Here goes nothing!
    This song brings back memories. I think I could listen to an hour of it. I mean, it's one hour. How bad could it be?
  9. 2 AM- I'm halfway done!
    Hooray, because this is taking such a long time, and now I only have the last half and then I'm done.
  10. 2:30 AM- I'm done!!!!!!! OMG this is a huge relief. I am so happy I'm done with that stupid video. I'm going to go get some food now.
    Shoot! I just tried to go downstairs and I saw my mom at the bottom of the stairs, on her phone, about to come up. I quickly put my flashlight against my shirt and tip toed back to my room.
  11. 3 AM- I went on Instagram and followed a bunch of YouTubers.
    I'm now following over 100 people...... wow. That's a lot. But whatever. I still wish I had followers on this app though. 😭😭
  12. 3:30 AM- I don't know what to do..... I neeeeeed ideas!
    Hmmm. I wonder what I could do...... Oh, I got it! Read fanfiction. I'll read some more Supernatural stuff.
  13. 4 AM- Well my dad is waking up for work soon. Maybe I'll go get food after he leaves.
    I am so hungry... I wwwwaaaaannnnttttt fooooood.
  14. 4:30 AM- I found this fanfic that some of you might be familiar with.... It's called "Twist and Shout".
    I'm now reading it and it's soooo sad!
    Ughhhhhhhh this fanfic is extremely devastating.
  16. 5:30 AM- #stillcryingfromTwistandShout
  17. 6 AM- Well... I'm going to go find something happier to read. Any suggestions?
    Of course I won't get suggestions.... no one follows me. 😐