Listen to 50 new songs and rate them out of 10 points. Will be updated constantly.
  1. Luck - American Authors
    I'd have to give it an 8, because it was catchy, had a good message, and I just loved it overall.
  2. Elephant Gun - Beirut
    It gets a 7, due to it being a lovely sounding song, but I don't understand the lyrics.
  3. (Everything is) debatable - Hellogoodbye
    The song deserves a 5. Only because the beginning sounded like a Buzzfeed video and took a while to get really started. It might be catchy if I could understand the words. But it's an okay song, I guess.
  4. Carried Away - Passion Pit
    This one would get... a 3. The music video was weird, and the song sounds like it's from a different decade (and not one of the good ones....).
  5. Brotherhood of the Snake - Testament
    It only gets a 1, because I didn't like it. This song and the one below it were recommended to me by the same person.
  6. 666 Packs of Beer - Rebel Son
    I have mixed feelings about this one, so, a 4. It had a nice beat.
  7. Guns and Ships - Hamilton
    10/10!!!! It's awesome! Also, I listened to the entire Hamilton soundtrack, but I'm not counting all 46 songs on this list.