Updated throughout our first weekend.
  1. "Madame George," Astral Weeks, Van Morrison.
    Lester Bangs once wrote "Madame George is the album's whirlpool. Possibly one of the most compassionate pieces of music ever made, it asks us, no, arranges that we see the plight of what I'll be brutal and call a lovelorn drag queen with such intense empathy that when the singer hurts him, we do too....it's about a person, like all the best songs, all the greatest literature" and what the hell I'm gonna try to say it better?
  2. "Mother of Pearl," Stranded, Roxy Music
    Really just the more ballad-y second half? The first half was just sort of noise.
  3. "Greycedes," On Your Own Love Again, Jessica Pratt
    We've never heard this album before--a friend gave it to us for our kid's birthday. "It's got a cool canyon vibe," says my wife.
  4. "Blues Run The Game," Blues Run The Game, Jackson C. Frank
    I guess we're really working one vibe tonight.
  5. "Box of Rain," American Beauty, Grateful Dead
    Fucking white people in their Brooklyn loft. Update: "Sugar Magnolia" sounds even better.
  6. Not Janis Ian, "At Seventeen"
    "Are you fucking kidding me?" I exclaim, leaping up from the couch.
  7. Also not this Kenny Rogers record.
    My wife's been in charge of the record player today.
  8. OK, "Just Dropped In" is pretty OK.
  9. Purple Rain, Prince
    Fucking all of it, but especially "I Would Die 4 U."
  10. "Boys Don't Cry," Boys Don't Cry, The Cure