My grandparents are very tiny so I don't understand how they eat this much.
  1. Ham and turkey sandwich with lacey Swiss and my mother's bread and butter pickles (2009)
  2. Carrot soup with dried parsley,croutons, and Parmesan cheese
  3. Baked beans (twice)
  4. Roast chicken with zucchini
  5. Del Monte Cling peaches, coffee ice cream, and pizelles.
    "Grandpa, this combination is disgusting."
  6. Vanilla ice cream with rhubarb sauce
  7. Blueberry pancakes with rhubarb sauce
  8. Scrapple
    Enjoyed only by my wife, my father, and my grandmother, who are all pretty gross.
  9. German potato salad
  10. Mozzarella, prosciutto, mortadella, bread
  11. Rigatoni with asparagus and ricotta
  12. Roasted broccoli rabe
  13. Sweet Italian sausages (plus one beet sausage, which only my daughter likes, because it's purple)
  14. "Plantation pride cake"
    "Mom, have you given any thought at all to this name? I really want you to stop saying it out loud."
  15. Freihofer's chocolate chip cookies
  16. Double chocolate chip cookies
  17. Rhubarb pudding
  18. The same OCD salad my brother always makes which looks like a Tibetan sand mandala but tastes kind of like nothing.