1. Editor in chief, Matter (2014-present)
    It's terrifying, exciting, wonderful, electric, awful making a magazine from scratch with people you love.
  2. Staff editor, The New York Times Op-Ed page (2005-2011)
    You get to pass laws; you get to save people from genocide; you work with presidents and William H. Gass tells you to call him Bill. Also, the burnout's ridiculous, like being a band out on the road too long, and I missed two of my own birthday parties.
  3. Line cook, Doobie's Bar (2001)
    The owner is Bowie's biggest fan--like, officially, endorsed by Bowie himself--taught me about "Young Americans" and how to cut a tomato, make a burger, parboil broccoli. I think about her every day, or every day I hear Bowie or cook a meal.
  4. Senior Editor, GQ (2011-2013)
    There's no free snack room, like on "Girls," but you do get free pocket squares.
  5. Contributor, The New York Observer (2004-2005)
    Peter Kaplan taught me how to create or name an idea that other people wish they'd created or named themselves. I wish he'd seen Matter.
  6. Janitor, American School of Madrid (summers 1993, 1994, 1995)
    Our summer job was cleaning out lockers. You find some weird shit in lockers.
  7. Producer/researcher, The Al Franken Radio Show (2004-2005)
    Al took nine weeks of vacation and we got the same. I hated radio, and hated my father's kind of liberal radio even worse. He's a senator now so I won't mention how he used to leave his dirty tighty-whities lying around the office.
  8. Personal assistant, George Carlin (2002-2003)
    George, because you're wondering, was wonderful--sweet in a way you wouldn't guess--but I was a garbage personal assistant.
  9. Concession stand worker, Clinton Cannonball movie theater (1996)
    I ate popcorn for breakfast straight out of the popper and I saw the first and last five minutes of "Toy Story" 80 times. Maybe I should have put this one first.