1. Well, so far all I've really done is jump on a trampoline with my nephew and nieces. But it's going to get crazy! I swear!
  2. At the Olde Bryant Inn, I ate a steak covered in Gorgonzola, panko, horseradish; fried mozzarella; fried mushrooms; chicken wings; and calamari.
  3. At the bar, we got our ass handed to us in darts.
  4. The cab driver taking us to the upstate New York strip club claims to have two wives.
    Two wives seems to be a lot of trouble.
  5. Oh, wait, now the cab driver is talking about anal with his two wives.
    I have some regrets about the evening already.
  6. A primer on Upstate New York strip clubs: there is very little nudity; the women are all local; the men are, well, the usual, both naive and needy.
  7. After the strip club: frisbee in the park with a glow-in-the-dark frisbee.
  8. I only slept three hours. 😕