1. Last night we walked into our favorite Williamsburg restaurant, having been cited preposterously long waits at two other places.
  2. But Marlow and Sons was mostly empty, except for two massive and handsome men sitting at the bar.
  3. It was John Slattery and Damien Lewis.
  4. They mostly talked about their summers, their kids, plays they did a hundred years ago, about how Maura Tierney is super-cool. Slattery appears to have the wit but not the callowness of Roger Sterling.
  5. They were waiting on a friend who seemed o be notoriously tardy.
  6. Oh, look, it's Dominic West, who sprawls out at a table acres from them, and seems to be exactly as Dominic West as you want him to be.
  7. They all talked about "Mona Lisa Smile," which costarred at least two of them.
  8. Then we all died. Everybody else in the restaurant just slumped over dead.