Updating live.
  1. Stubb's BBQ sauce and jalapeño jelly
    Both favors from a fun Texas wedding where the couple broke up six months later.
  2. Christine's pickled beets, 2009
    My mom does a lot of pickling.
  3. (1) box GQ business cards, Mark Lotto, Senior Editor
  4. All the spices
    Cumin, paprika, old oregano: safe travels.
  5. Nearly all the liquor
    I haven't wanted to get "Turkish raki drunk" in kind of a while.
  6. An almost troubling number of capers.
  7. The following DVDs: Arrested Development (Seasons 1 and 2), The Wire (Season 1), The Office (The UK series), Lizzy McGuire (Season 1), Say Anything, Road Trip, A Life Less Ordinary, Star Wars: Episode 4, Doctor Who (Seasons 1, 4, and 5), Friday Night Lights (Season 1), Disney's Santa Buddies.
    I was also going to throw out "Young Frankenstein," but knew I'd regret it.
  8. The following guidebooks: Brazil, Montreal, Mexico, Mexico City, Italy, Costa Rica, Morocco, Argentina, London, Dublin, Ireland, Turkey, India, Colombia, Rome, West Africa, and even Western Europe, which I bought for my 1996 eurorail trip during which I did not meet Julie Delpy.
  9. (2) copies, "The Bush Hater's Handbook"
  10. (1) copy, "Greek Generations: A Medley of Ethnic Recipes, Folklore, and Village Traditions"
  11. (1) bag of outgrown and/or annoying children toys
  12. (1) deep fryer
  13. All the mason jars
  14. (4) Tupperware lids
  15. (1) Tupperware container
  16. (2) black winter overcoats
  17. (1) once-beloved brown cord blazer purchased at a thrift store on 1st Ave when I couldn't really afford the $30 but I thought it would make me seem more like a Noah Baumbach character in a good way.
  18. (7) candy canes
  19. (1) glass pipe
  20. The other parts of Lu's scooter
  21. Someone is going to have to make a decision about all these CDs but no one can bear it.
  22. 1 half-used tube of Preparation H.
  23. Six holidays' worth of wrapping paper.
  24. All our wedding cards, most of our wedding invitations.
  25. (7) copies of our wedding mix.
  26. A Manila folder labeled "hypnotherapy"
  27. (1) Chico stroller bag
  28. Oh, fuck, a whole other box of DVDs.
    "You just have to abandon that like you abandon a baby--anonymously."
  29. Missoni bag of old hangers.