1. 8:30 am: cappuccino and half a butter croissant from Gimme Coffee
    It's our new coffee place near our new place. I like it but already miss having Marlow and Sons as our local; we'd taken the kid there almost every weekend since she was 10 days old. The other day, the whole staff and restaurant cheered when she yelled, "I pooped on the potty!"
  2. 12:30 pm: breakfast torta from Brooklyn Star.
    Needed jalapeños.
  3. Also, two John Dalys (alcoholic Arnold Palmers) and two bites of my wife's fried pork chop with chow chow.
    The chow chow really made it. Also, the frying.
  4. 2:30 pm: a third of a Mast Brothers Cow Milk Chocolate Bar.
    As opposed to the sheep milk or the goat milk. Everyone else was napping and I was watching "Daredevil."
  5. 6 pm: whatever the red wine left open from our dinner party the night before was.
    And a few bites of the kid's plain pasta.
  6. 8:30 pm: Marcella Hazan's roast chicken (made by my wife), green beans (made by me)
    I took the roasted lemons out of the chicken and squeezed them all over the beans, which I think makes me a cooking genius?