Teen wolf is literally an obsession for me and I love all the characters so much especially the boys so here is a ranking of my favourite male teen wolf characters
  1. Stiles Stilinsky He is Hilarious, cute, smart, a loyal friend, clumsy and just stiles
  2. Derek Hale I love his mysterious personality which has a small hint of humour and his body is so hot and also sterek!!
  3. Issac Layhey omg I love Isaac so much he's hilarious cute and just like a little puppy dog and I love when him and Scott live together
  4. Coach Bobby Finstock he is one of the funniest characters on the show he would be a hilarious teacher
  5. Scott Mcall Scott is so sweet sexy and an amazing friend and he's really cute with Alison and Kira
  6. Jackson Whittemore I loved his character he was so funny sexy and cute with Lydia even though I ship stydia more
  7. Liam Dunbar he is such a cutie with anger problems I just love him
  8. Chris Argent Chris is a badass and I have really grown to love him, he is always there for the pack and I loved the friendship of him and Derek
  9. Ethan and Aiden these twins are really hot, funny and I loved both of their romances
  10. Danny Mahelani come on he's Danny he's so funny and always willing to either go to a club, play lacrosse, be Jacksons sidekick or fool around with Ethan
  11. Peter Hale Even though Peter is pretty hated, I still love him he's so funny and his relationship with Derek and Lydia is cute, also he never stops wearing V necks
  12. Theo Raeken Even though he is a Bad guy he's so hot and there's something about him that makes me not hate him plus he's really cute with Malia
  13. Mason Hewitt Awe I love Mason he's so funny and is always there for Liam
  14. Jordan Parrish I love him so much even though his supernatural power is pretty dangerous he is so cute and tries to help the pack! Him and Lydia are also pretty cute but not as cute as Stydia
  15. Dr. Alan Deaton This guy is the coolest Vet around, he is always coming up with ways to save the pack and if it wasn't for him most of the pack would be dead by now
  16. Brett Talbot even though he's a very minor character I just loved him so much and find him hilarious
  17. Sheriff Stilinsky is one of the coolest sheriffs around his relationship with Stiles and Melissa Mcall is really cute
  18. Deucalion Even though he's a villain I just loved him and come on he was the alpha of an alpha pack
  19. Vernon Boyd was just really nice and funny and his relationship with Erika was so cute!!