Listen as Jane Fonda helps gay men throughout history become tolerable
  1. Anderson Cooper, puny mortal
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    "Use those biceps, Vanderbilt. Can't even see them under that Build-A-Bear getup."
  2. Lee Daniels, putty in Jane's hands
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    "Smile harder, Lee. I'm a living legend wearing a jumpsuit made from zebra and snow leopard. This is a huge moment for you."
  3. Harvey Milk, charming layperson
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    "Harvey! Happy to be acquainted, sad there's a riverboat somewhere missing a blackjack dealer. Rent my VHS on ironing tips sometime.
  4. The Village People and Michael Jackson, fancy dancy boys
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    "Whatever the hell you boys do after hours, just know I pegged David Geffen first."
  5. Anthony Perkins, simpering manchild
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    "Like my Tab Hunter impression, queen?"
  6. Miss Coco Peru, drag peasant to Lady Jane
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    "The Black Panthers and I avoided that bullshit Marlo Thomas flip all throughout the '60s, honey. Disturbed us then. Disturbs us now."
  7. Andy Cohen, stuttering simpleton
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    "Oh, I get it. You're like a Ted Turner for idiots."