1. 9. Mom (Jackee) on Sister Sister
    The way she purrs Tia and Tamera's names, it's like Agnes Moorehead joined the cast of Living Single.
  2. 8. Hilda (Caroline Rhea) on Sabrina the Teenage Witch
    The way she wisecracks about sorcery, it's like Agnes Moorehead rejoined the cast of Bewitched and took method acting lessons from Kathy Griffin and Bianca del Rio.
  3. 7. Salem on Sabrina the Teenage Witch
    I don't know, something seems campy about this Paul Lynde-mimicking puppet cat sneering about Melissa Joan Hart's inexperience with the dark arts.
  4. 6. Baby Sinclair on Dinosaurs
    Creepy-ass Frank Oz-ripping wart-headed toddler demon whose whorish laughter was endearing
  5. 5. Balki (Bronson Pinchot) on Perfect Strangers
    Balki was like a lost Greek Wham! reject who resurfaces with a 14th place finish at Eurovision
  6. 4. Reginald Fairfield (Davy Jones) on Boy Meets World
    Unnerving weirdo who enjoyed repeating his own name.
  7. 3. Karen (Angela Watson) on Step By Step
    A Whitley Gilbert/Hilary Banks for the small set. Or, even better: A ditzy drag queen Winnie Cooper
  8. 2. Stavros Katsopolis (John Stamos) on Full House
    Uncle Jesse's scheming, undershirted cousin. "This strikes me as a bit much," noted Agnes Moorehead.
  9. 1. Stefan Urquelle (Jaleel White) on Family Matters
    Nothing sexier than watching Urkel pop out of a box in an oversize cream-colored suit to moan "On Bended Knee" at Laura or whatever. Trivia: Iggy Azalea is Taylor Swift's Stefan Urquelle.