I know more about Darva Conger than I do these people.
  1. Jackson Rathbone
    Was mentioned to me in 2015 and I thought, "Hm, that belongs in 2009." Don't know why.
  2. Bif Naked
    Dark hair. Guest-judged at least once on Say What? Karaoke.
  3. Musiq Soulchild
    I should've been doing way more homework on this person/group in 2002.
  4. Summer Glau
    Was in a movie
  5. Kylie Bax
    Sometimes judged on Say What? Karaoke in the (Bif Naked signature) middle chair.
  6. Rita Ora
    Might be in her twenties
  7. Zbigniew Brzyzynski
    Name is a spelled-out sneeze
  8. Veronica Webb
    Something very Thandie Newton going on here
  9. Sarah Slean
    It was 2001 and the absolute worst person in drama club listed her about 19th in her playbill bio list of "favorite musicians."
  10. LaDanian Tomlinson
    I'm not supposed to know what this is
  11. Antigone Rising
    I saw your CD at Starbucks while I was buying "Jagged Little Pill Acoustic"
  12. Miranda July
    I say her name when I mean "Felicity Jones" 100% of the time