1. Faye Dunaway in Network
    I can't pay attention in meetings so it's important to wear the face of a character who can.
  2. Anthony Perkins being hot
    Who's got Tony Perkins splayed across his torso now, Tab Hunter?
  3. Eileen Brennan in Private Benjamin
    Fuck you, Judy Benjamin.
  4. Jane Fonda doing an Ann-Margret thing
  5. Karen Carpenter being better than this world
    There's one queen of pop (Madonna), several princesses of pop (whomever), and even one student council president (Taylor Swift). But there is only one goddess, and that's flawless Karen.
  6. Jane Curtin serving the damn news
    Ignorant slut, my ass.
  7. Kylie Minogue in "Street Fighter"
    I was 8 when it came out, just let it go.
  8. Bonus: This tote of Lee Grant winning an Oscar for Shampoo
    She beat up the blacklist and there's Madeline Kahn and Joel Grey to sign off on her victory.