1. You helped dummies like me understand jazz. Turns out it's not just for Chips Ahoy commercials.
  2. You can't leave now, Prince will be so sad.
  3. Janet Jackson to Aimee Mann. Madonna to Bjork. They all descend from you. (Yes, I'm aware you called Madonna "Nero" once -- the turning point into "shallow and stupid" music. You're forgiven.)
  4. Five decades doing what you wanted. That weird 80s pop rock. Folk. Paintings. Arguing. Whatever.
  5. There are "Blue" people and "Court and Spark" people. I'm Blue. Strung out on another man and noticing the frying pan is too wide.
  6. "How can there be weird chords?" you said of your weird chords. "They feel like my feelings."
  7. Every version of your voice has sounded resilient and plucky and sad and kind and confused and out of sight.
  8. Nature speaks to you and it doesn't infuriate anybody. It's real.
  9. Everything you've given us is and has been "constant as a northern star." It will always be that way. Your work will always be the Great White Heron of music, stunning and tall and Canadian
  10. You got clouds right. Thank you for that.