1. It's Christmas Eve Eve
    but my family opens presents tomorrow so that we can travel to out-of-state relatives on Christmas Day
  2. We just had a nice family dinner
  3. It is cold and blustery outside
  4. I am wearing leggings under sweatpants and a turtleneck under two wool sweaters
    ✨so cozy✨
  5. I am already feeling emotionally volatile
    there's nothing wrong, just warm fuzzy feelings and sleepiness and love and generally being a sensitive soul
  6. And I just voted to watch ~Love, Actually~ w the fam
    college did make me realize how problematic this movie is in terms of *feminism* and female leads (or the lack thereof) but...
    and have so many feelings already in ADVANCE the end ✨❤️✨
  8. the bad plan is choosing to watch this given my emotional state
  9. I'll report back on the other side.