1. Cracking my back
  2. And my neck
  3. And my knees
  4. And my ankles
  5. And my shoulder bones
  6. And my hips
  7. I went to a chiropractor for the first time today
  8. She wasn't very nice about it
    "Yeah you're gonna need to stop doing that right now"
  9. I've asked people over the years but I've gotten a range of responses
    "It's not that bad for you" "you'll have arthritis by thirty" "don't worry about it" "that's disgusting!"
  10. But she was very very firm
    When I asked her for a recommendation for how to alleviate the feeling that makes me want to crack my joints, she was like "You just have to. There's no substitute. Start now." 😳
  11. This is not a tragedy, not a medical emergency, not a big deal at all
    I'm fine
  12. But it feels weird to decide that I won't do this anymore; it's become a little part of my personality
    my weird human body trick? cracking my neck louder than anyone else can. bored in class? I'll crack my neck and see who wigs out vs who is impressed. Sorry not sorry...
  13. And habits are hard to break 😒
  14. So here I am, List App.
  15. Making one new year's resolution ahead of time.
  16. I won't crack my joints
  17. Because I don't want chronic pain and arthritis
    at least, any sooner than is officially necessary aka when I am OLD aka not now
  18. ✌🏻️