@oliviadh dis 4 u
  1. List App, are you ready for a tale?
    "Yes, of course!"
  2. Good.
  3. I first met @oliviadh when I was a sophomore in high school, newly hired at a local ice cream shop
    Our ice cream store experiences should probably be the subject of some future list
  4. My first impression of her was that she was skinny and mean
    I noticed that despite her arms being thinner than mine, she was way better/faster at scooping ice cream than I was.
  5. Over the course of our high school years we slowly got to know each other
    Lots of shifts together, sometimes carpooling to the Minneapolis store. My first impression quickly shifted to embrace a wonderful, funny, smart human being & new friend.
  6. Favorite ice cream store memories include:
    introducing her to the little kids who came to the store for birthday parties (she sometimes worked in the kitchen), driving late at night to the new store to help set it up, going to McDonald's at 1 in the morning after work, serving ice cream from a food truck at one event and working the Baseball All-Star Game after party together.
  7. Olivia went to UChicago the year before I did
    I stayed in her dorm when I visited the school: both when I was just a wee babe and hadn't even sent in my college application, and 6 months later when I was attending accepted students weekend
  8. She was a source of advice about college, a cool older friend who took me to bonfires and dance parties, a fan of Zumba
    All things I appreciated about her and still do, to this day
  9. When I got in, she was one of the first people who I called
  10. My first year, I bought all my humanities books from her
    used and at a nice friendly discount price, always accompanied by some advice or a nice check-in moment
  11. Since being in college together, Olivia and I have had lots of Real Talks™
    ranging in subject from boiz to friendships to communication to life plans to feminism to ~everything else~
  12. We figured out that we have very different love languages
    Which probably explains why my first impression of her was so off-base. See this quiz for more info on that: http://www.5lovelanguages.com.
  13. Just in the last 6 months I think our friendship has deepened
  14. She is smart, working at a cool internship right now, ready to take over the world by way of environmentally friendly urban planning!!
  15. Last night I came home late feeling very disheartened about an assignment
    (I fucked up big time and didn't start something early enough)
  16. And lo & behold there was a package from Etsy on my dinner table.
    me: *wtf I didn't order anything from etsy.com*
  17. Then I remembered Olivia had asked for my address recently...
  18. And what was inside???
    see my last list if my excitement about this is confusing to you
  20. to being a kind thoughtful generous spontaneous friend--thank you, Olivia