it's a good gig
  1. being paid to hang out with your friends
  2. free drinks whenever I want
  3. making people happy in very easy ways
    need coffee? here, have some coffee! hungry? here, have some food! stressed? drink some tea!
  4. excessive time dedicated to sociological observations of the strange and amazing environment that is the first floor of the Reg
  5. slow motion friendships with the Reg-ulars
    they always want the same order and are really pleased when you already know it. Book shelving guy in Hawaiian shirt: cinnamon raisin bagel w cream cheese, not toasted, in a bag w chocolate cake donut. Tall skinny Chinese woman: chocolate scone in a bag. Bryan from the circ desk: toasted everything bagel w cream cheese.
  6. scheduled time in my week that does not involve sitting down, looking at a computer, or being by myself.
    gotta balance out the studying
  7. running a Twitter account for an inanimate object that has over 200 followers
    @exlibtoaster, betch
  8. "accidentally" dropping pastries on the floor for snacks later