1. Young girl with older parents, explaining that the security guard "already told us that cellphones AND keys need to be placed on the conveyor belt separately"
  2. Man staring at bar longingly while the moving sidewalk takes him and his single slice of pizza farther and farther away
  3. Elderly businessman in a suit and dress coat, eating a soft serve ice cream cone from a nearby fast food vendor with focus, precision and care
  4. Middle aged couple--man with grey hair, woman dyes hers silvery blonde-- leaning on each other; he is wearing huge headphones, she is dozing off and nuzzling into his shoulder for comfort
  5. Beautiful male flight attendant wearing a perfectly tailored suit over a black turtleneck & some rad tortoiseshell glasses frames
  6. Baby boy screaming and sobbing while three adults all try to console his incomprehensible sadness
  7. Row of iPhone users: small woman with brown hair, large man in a neon yellow polo, younger man in camouflage pants, woman wearing the dress outfit she planned last night to impress her relatives
  8. College student guy with beats headphones, unconsciously playing with the front of his shirt by pulling it up over his mouth
  9. Mother of three breathing a sigh of relief after going through the security line that didn't ask them to take off their shoes
  10. Bro chuckling softly to himself as he watches Family Guy on his iPad
  11. Me, eating oatmeal, so happy to be here on time and no longer carsick from the city bus