a list created to take a break from my schoolwork, refocus, and remember lovely things, but also to recommend this to everyone
  1. β€’
    the moon πŸŒ–
    when the moon started to rise it was huge and looked like a samosa or something but then it just became brighter and brighter. In the winter, moonshine on the snow is magical. On nights when the moon is particularly good it makes my heart ache and I want to tell everyone I know.
  2. β€’
    actual stars ✨
    after being a city kid all my life, stars instill a deep sense of sparkly joy within me
  3. β€’
    truckers πŸš›
    I rarely think about how many things I need/use on a daily basis are available to me because of the people who drive stuff all over this country. Late night road trips are an opportunity to see many semi trucks going many different places, and to remember that driving is an integral service provided to us by a lot of people we don't know
  4. β€’
    palpable darkness 🌌
    good for remembering how many spaces are not filled with street lights and building and other light-expelling things. being surrounded by soft darkness makes you refocus and consider only what's directly in front of you
  5. β€’
    creative application of the word "oasis"🏝
    every combo Subway-gas station-car wash is an ~oasis~ according to the signs along I90 and I94
  6. β€’
    hometown appreciation πŸ’―
    cheese curds, Wisconsin Dells, the ski hill that my junior high ski and snowboarding club went to, etc.
  7. β€’
    clouds 🌀
    when everything is flat, you can see a lot of the sky, and the clouds are prone to doing crazy shapes and patterns way up there
  8. β€’
    rural beauty 🏑
    farmland can be beautiful: sunlight pouring through the trees that were planted just to break the wind before the farmhouse, baby cows walking behind their mamas in a bright green pasture, freshly painted red barns and silos next to beat up pick up trucks
  9. β€’
    sunsets ✨πŸ’₯β˜€οΈπŸ’₯✨
    the rolling hills + the clouds + no tall buildings in the way
  10. β€’
    satisfaction ☺️
    driving a long way and then showing up at your destination of choice is a truly victorious feeling