I took a whole week to write this list
  1. very happy but also a bit mysterious. super positive. perfect for ending a sentence when an exclamation point seems too aggressive but you want to add any of the following: •enthusiasm •allure •flirtation •a literal sprinkle of fairy dust
  2. 💯
    so enthusiastic! like a next-level thumbs up. very collegiate. great for sending 8-10 in a row to congratulate someone on an achievement.
  3. a much more recent fave, best for referring to things that are definitely not brands but could be brands, such as Good People™ or telling someone that they are Too Much™
  4. 😏
    I feel like this a lot. great for gossip, or for fessing up to doing something you're equally proud & ashamed of doing. aligns in my mind with the texted word "heh" like "did you do this???" "heh yes 😏"
  5. 😒
    me re: Bad People™, obligations I'd rather not fulfill, any news I don't want to hear (ranging from "the Internet in our apartment is down" to "Trump did XYZ today"). like the 💯 (but with opposite meaning) this one is great for sending in bulk, aka approx 12 in a row.
  6. 💁🏼
    my reaction to any/all compliments. the equivalent of my IRL hand-under-chin reaction which is UBIQUITOUS and well-known.
  7. 🎉
    who doesn't like to celebrate, like, literally anything that it is possible to celebrate.
  8. ❤️
    duh do you really need me to explain this
  9. 🙃
    most emoji for me have many meanings but this one has a place in emoji land that has been permanently & appropriately assigned by @ijeoma to be the orgasm emoji, a la this amazing list that she wrote last November: FEELING ✨🙃✨ RN. So like, I sometimes use it in unrelated contexts but I always think about this no matter what meaning it might fulfill in a particular text.
  10. 😍😘
    generic, not super interesting, but well used bc I love many things and text many people about all those things all the time
  11. 😎
    cheers @nickwatson, here's the list in all its glory. this is your favorite emoji & it makes me think of secret service guys.