I'm on a plane about to leave and I love this state!!!!
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    We know how to celebrate the winter
    I am actually comparatively bad at this because I don't ski or play hockey. But it's admirable that people here welcome the snow, want to get out and ski, embrace a sauna and subsequent jump in the lake, etc. I love a good winter walk, myself.
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    Wheat stop signs
    There are these amazing stop signs in @henryb's neighborhood that instead of a normal metal pole have like, these artistic rusty wheat-like poles that just are really lovely.
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    White Christmas
    almost always have snow over winter break 💯❄️💯
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    Bogg boots
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    As a Minnesotan, I'm proud (instead of embarrassed) to wear these size 11 boots that honestly look like grown-up baby shoes, because I know the importance of good winter wear.
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    Cuddl Dud ad on the light rail
    Cuddl Duds™ are nice/comfortable long underwear. The light rail is our public transportation train system. The fact that there are larger-than-life advertisements for long underwear on mass transit makes me ☺️
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    Street poems
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    Every year in St. Paul there's a public poetry contest. The top 10 are selected as winners and are subsequently stamped into new sidewalk concrete when the city goes around replacing old/broken sidewalk sections. How cool is that?? This one is outside my house: *Bad Day* "The red lid unscrewed / from the jar of extra crunchy / almost empty / and the full, mounded spoon/ half shoved into my mouth / says it all / I don't want to talk" more info here: http://bit.ly/1JRR5VX
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    Me: "temperature is 27°, wind is coming from the Southwest at 7 mph, weather app says it feels like 18°"
    My dad: "oh so not too bad"
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    Jogging people everywhere
    Even in the winter all the little running people go running around in their spandex tights and temperature-efficient winter headbands and everyone runs around in the snowy world.
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    On a highway sign for nearby attractions there are a few colleges & universities listed, followed by the word FAIRGROUNDS in all caps
    we have our priorities straight // the MN State Fair is the ~best~. More info here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minnesota_State_Fair
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    Everyone says hi when you pass them while running/biking/walking.
    Kids, grown-ups, old people. So friendly! So happy!
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    The Mississippi River + lakes
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    To be sure, Minnesota is not the best place for all people.
    We're one of the worst states for racial achievement gap in education and are not doing well with current issues of race. Check out Black Lives Matter Minneapolis and their work here: https://m.facebook.com/BlackLivesMatterMinneapolis and https://twitter.com/blacklivesmpls
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    But it is my home, and I'm very proud to be one of its most enthusiastic representatives.