1. I watched someone give us a $5 tip
    💸💸💸💸💸 (most people contribute 10 cents at most)
  2. Someone told me "you're a great worker"
    then apologized with "sorry that's a weird thing to say" but it was honestly a lovely compliment
  3. Someone else said "you guys are so efficient"
    and I was like ~fuck yeah someone noticed~
  4. Saw a bunch of Reg-ulars
    the guy with glasses who wants a coffee refill and an M&M cookie, Ray in the Hawaiian shirt, the really nice grad student who wants a coffee refill and always has the money ready in advance
  5. I drank a latte
    hot caffeinated drinks = comfort
  6. Some guy I have no recollection of ever speaking to asked me if I was having a better day and then told me he had a Sanderson midterm in 20 minutes
    first response: "when did I tell you I was having a bad day?" second response: "thanks for asking" third response: "what's your name / who are you?" fourth response: "good luck on the midterm"
  7. ✨stay tuned for a future list about why I love customer service✨