this quarter has felt sort of topsy-turvy, but because of these things this week was 💯
  1. I had a really cool meaningful meeting with an amazing female mentor
  2. I had a totally spontaneous, eye-opening conversation with a dining hall employee who I've become close to
    really intense, really interesting, uncomfortable in the best, most thought-provoking way
  3. I dropped a class that was unnecessary and boring
  4. I was complimented by my employer
  5. I made a new friend
  6. I had a different spontaneous conversation with a coworker for two hours
  7. I unexpectedly walked past and sat in on my favorite class being taught by my favorite professor on campus
    my first year humanities class reading my favorite book from the class 😍
  8. I attended a meeting that was productive and made me feel empowered and excited to get things done on campus
    People care and want to do good things-- especially when it comes to dealing with the problem of sexual assault on college campuses.
  9. I got paid
  10. I went over to two friends' apartments late at night and appreciated being cozy and feeling at home
  11. I had coffee at an adorable new bakery
    and amazing important conversation, as well, w @oliviadh 💕
  12. I had an hour long conversation with a first year student who reached out about being stressed
    being a mentor/resource to younger students is one of the most fulfilling things I do
  13. I went to prom again and had the best dance party ever
    another reason why working at a coffee shop is the best is bc then you get to attend Coffee Shop Prom™ and dance the night away