someday in the future I will make a list called "REASONS WHY I LOVE CHILDREN'S LITERATURE" but for now I would like to share πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΌβœ¨ books with you
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    Scene: children's books are our primary Christmas decoration material
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    Disclaimer: my family is completely non-religious, though we are culturally/historically from the Midwestern Methodist tradition
    No church, no beliefs really, but we go allπŸ‘πŸ» inπŸ‘πŸ» on Christmas
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    The Bear | Raymond Briggs
    Briggs is a smart author and a beautiful illustrator. The Bear is a story with very few words, but great overarching themes of friendship and childhood and melancholy.
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    Olivia Helps With Christmas | Ian Falconer
    Olivia the pig is a strong feminist character who always knows what's up and what she wants to be doing. There are other books about her other adventures (e.g. when she joins a circus). Christmas with Olivia is a delight and nice parallel to Christmas with Eloise.
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    Yoon and the Christmas Mitten | Helen Recorvits
    A new one my man picked up this year. A sweet story about an Korean immigrant little girl and her first Christmas in the US. Lovely surreal illustrations.
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    The 12 Days of Christmas | Robert Sauda
    Find me a kid who hates pop-up books. Sauda is excellent at his chosen craft and three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree all benefit from colorful pop up art.
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    Father Christmas | Raymond Briggs
    As the cover illustration perhaps indicates, Briggs' Santa is really, really grumpy. This book also has very few words-- instead, lots of gorgeous detailed illustrations and a hilarious peek into the possible life of the Big Man.
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    Gnomes | Rien Poortuliet and Wil Huggen
    a CLASSIC if there ever was one. most comprehensive study of gnome life, culture, etc ever done. Did you know you didn't know enough about gnomes? Now you do! Read up.
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    Eloise at Christmastime | Kay Thompson
    can't find it to take a picture, but Eloise (like Olivia the pig) is a great feminist childhood hero. She and her pug and her turtle go on all sorts of escapades within the Plaza Hotel, where she lives with her nanny. Her cheekiness and daring adds some flavor to the holiday season.
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    The Snowy Day | Ezra Jack Keats
    simple appreciation of playing in the snow. great for little kids. features a black boy which is ****highly unusual**** for children's books (πŸ˜’ about that, but ☺️ about kids playing in the snow wearing bright red snow suits).
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    Olive, the Other Reindeer | J. Otto Seifeld and Vivian Walsh
    Olive is a small dog who mis-hears Christmas lyrics and decides to join the team. Great illustrations, silly concept that is particularly hilarious for kids just old enough to understand the wordplay and the following chaos.
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    The Autobiography of Santa Claus | Jeff Guin
    A Chapter Bookβ„’ for big kids. Read it almost every Christmas in junior high and high school. Great, historical, funny assessment of how the Santa myth came to be and who's running the North Pole operation, even to this day.
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    A Christmas Memory | Truman Capote
    Also a more grown-up book (originally a short story, this edition has lovely illustrations) that is longer and has more words. The story of a boy's friendship w his great aunt is touching and bittersweet and excellent. Also a story about Christmas in the south which was interesting to consider from a snowy Minnesota perspective. My mom reads this out loud to us in the car when we drive to family and then she always cries at the end.
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    Babar and Father Christmas | Jean de Brunhoff
    Who doesn't like Babar the French elephant? Especially when he goes to the North Pole and meets elves and sees how the whole system works up there. And then gets to help deliver gifts himself!
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    The Snowman | Raymond Briggs
    ANOTHER one by Briggs bc he is so good. Sweet, mostly pictures, also bittersweet. His illustrations are true art and his stories capture a simple essence of childhood that is tender and caring.
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    The Nativity | Illustrated by Julie Vivas
    an excellent depiction of the biblical story, told in poignant pictures and careful words. even the cover illustration shows how Vivas makes the well-known characters in this story seem real and like normal people.
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    I'll Be Home for Christmas: a Toot and Puddle Adventure | Holly Hobbie
    Toot and Puddle are classic characters-- two pigs who are best friends and go on all sorts of adventures. I bought this for my mom for Christmas 2013, the winter break after my first quarter of college, and she cried when she opened it.