In 2016, I want to:
  1. Floss daily
    Science agrees it is good for you. I logically know it is not difficult to add to my routine. In almost every email my dad sends me, he asks "did you floss today?" Our amazing dentist has converted my papa to the Biggest Flossing Fan in the World™. I want to stop ignoring that one sentence in all of his emails.
  2. Start doing other kinds of exercise
    I ❤️ Zumba (list forthcoming at some point soon) but it doesn't always work with my schedule and when it doesn't, it's very easy to just do nothing at all. I just bought a real swimsuit and want to start swimming to help stave off the winter blues!
  3. Practice deep kindness
    with myself and others. This one made the @nytimes list about wishes for 2016 so it's definitely going to happen.
  4. Become better friends with people younger than me
    So that I don't just sit and weep and pine for my senior babes who are going to graduate on to bigger and brighter things. Multi-year friendships are really important!!
  5. Say yes
    To adventures, to time w friends, to risks, to challenges.
  6. There are so many more hopes & dreams always
    But this is a good start.