1. Is it gauche to post multiple lists in a row?
    On Instagram, I view multi-posts as Too Much. But right now I have a bunch of lists I want to write and publish! Can I do them one after another?
  2. Should I / should I not publish my full & legal name?
    One of my future lists that I'm pumped about is about my name. Privacy? But also, like, I exist in many other places on the Internet already, right?
  3. Does one of the creators of @list have the kind of handwriting that is all caps all the time? @bjnovak?
    @nickwatson this is my guess about the all caps list titles
  4. Where are the other Minnesotans?
    I've found some, but I would love to find more. As well as Chicagoans!
  5. ✨plz add your questions and/or re-list to help answer these ones and we can try to achieve higher TLA understanding together✨