1. 30 letters
    As a kid (and honestly still to this day) I am unjustifiably proud of having such a long name. I feel competitive about it. I bragged about it when I was little. It felt analogous to being the tallest kid in my elementary school (which I was).
  2. Louisa
    My great grandparents' names include Lois, Louis, Lonsdale and Louise. My grandma's middle name is also Louise. Louisa is fairly uncommon so is never mixed up; it's kind of old fashioned and somewhat literary (shoutout to Little Women) which are all things I 💕
  3. Elizabeth
    my mom's middle name, my grandma's middle name, my cousin's middle name-- it's beautiful and also old-fashioned and shared among all of these strong wonderful women who I know & love
  4. R-D
    My last name is hyphenated Mom Last Name-Dad Last Name. My mom didn't take my dad's name AND gave me hers which I really really appreciate. I don't feel more like one side of my family than the other. I have the same last names as aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc. It feels balanced and symmetric and normal and ✨GOOD✨ to have both.
  5. Only problem... clue what I'll do when I have kids some day far far in the future. already ruling out the three last name strategy (no one deserves that). Come what may, I'll be L.E.R.D. for the rest of my days.